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Bio-Resonance Generator - Mini Rife Machine

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About Bob Huttinga


My name is Bob Huttinga, PA-C. I am a Physician assistant in Lakeview, Michigan. In 2003, my wife, Barbara and I founded The Healing Center. This is a retail health food store and integrative medical clinic where I practiced traditional and alternative medicine.

I do not have a lot of fancy credentials behind my name. I am a Certified Physician Assistant, a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, and have extensive training in the use of homeopathy, herbs, essential oils, supplements, hypnosis, and stress management. I am like the old country doctor and I still make house calls mostly for Amish and elderly patients. I have worked mostly in family medicine but have also worked in the emergency room, urgent care,  occupational medicine, and an integrative medicine clinic. I have retired from the office April, 2023, however, I still care for a large local Amish community. I work mostly using natural and alternative treatments.

Over the years we have become more aware of energy medicine. Both Barb and I have Reiki training, we have been using TeraHertz and PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Frequency) devices with our patients with lots of success. More recently we have been promoting SWARNA GUARD which is a multiple frequency Bio-Resonance Generator or Mini Rife Machine.

Please be aware that the content of this website is mostly based on my training in alternative medicine and not on my traditional training as a physician assistant.

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Swarna Philosophy

Our bodies know how to be perfectly healthy. However as we go through our lives, things happen to us. Physical and emotional traumas. Sometimes we fully recover from these things and sometimes we do not completely recover. As a result, our constitutional health (what we were born with) can gradually decrease and we might begin to have chronic symptoms.

We also might begin to develop some unhealthy habits such as alcohol and tobacco use, over eating, worry, compulsive behaviors, etc. These habits and the toxins we ingest and inhale continue to decrease our level of health. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy called these "obstacles to the cure". The traumas and the toxins from our detrimental habits cause parts of our internal energy flow (meridians) and our personal electromagnetic field (our Aura) to decrease. This causes a disruption in the cellular communications within our physical body. This dysfunction allows illness and disease to express itself causing symptoms.

A symptom is our body's way of making us aware that correction is needed. Traditional medicine has focused on trying to make corrections with medication and surgery, forcing the correction at a physical level. That might be helpful but often just to a certain point, never really fixing the underlying issue. Naturopathic medicine is doing the same, however, with less toxic natural remedies and a focus on detoxing the physical body.

Acupuncture, homeopathy and energy medicine areĀ  ways of correcting the true cause of the issue. When we harmonically modify the underlying defect in the energy flow and the field, cellular communication can be restored.

For acute symptoms, this correction can make a rapid reduction of symptoms. In chronic conditions that recovery might be slower because there is much more toxicity and dysregulation to repair in the physical body.

In conclusion, our goal is optimal health so we can live a long, full, vibrant life with abundance in all areas of our lives: Relationships, Career, Recreation, Money and Health. Using Swarna Guard to restore our energy flow within our body and in the energy field around us can do just that.

Put Your Health in Your Own Hands.