Fear of Dying from Covid


Many people have this fear of dying from Covid. I see it creating anxiety and depression. Many are home bound and becoming anti-social because of this fear.

Johns Hopkins University has created a Covid Risk Tool which can used to determine your risk of dying from Covid. At first, I thought that this was really silly, but then I realized it might be quite helpful to see that the current risk of dying from Covid is not any different than the risks that we take every day when we get out of bed.

Based on your age, your zip code, BMI, and other health issues you can calculate your risk using this tool, For most people it is around 1% or 1 in 100.

You may or may not want to look at that, but then look at this. Here is a chart of the risks of many daily life experiences.

Cause of Death                                    Odds of Dying

Heart disease                                       1 in 6

Cancer                                                 1 in 7

All preventable causes of death          1 in 25

Chronic lower respiratory disease      1 in 26

Opioid overdose                                  1 in 98

Motor vehicle accident                       1 in 106

Fall                                                      1 in 111

Gun assault                                         1 in 298

Pedestrian Accident                            1 in 541

Motorcycle accident                           1 in 890

Drowning                                            1 in 1,121

Fire Smoke Inhalation                         1 in 1,399

Your risk might vary, but the risk of dying form Covid, is about the same as dying from a fall or a motor vehicle accident. Most of us never give a thought about dying when we get into a car or go for a walk outside. However, because we have been bombarded now for a year by the news media and government mandates, many people have phobic reactions to this infection.

What can we do? We can continue to isolate and cover up or we can overcome the fear with knowledge and tools. Why are some people dying from Covid? I have a theory based on numerous articles from Medscape and Pub Med.

In some people, this virus causes an immune reaction that causes inflammation and fibrin production on the lining of the airways. Fibrin is the material that causes blood to clot to protect us from bleeding to death from an injury. This fibrin or microscopic blood clots in the airways causes a decreased ability to transfer oxygen into the blood. This obviously can become life threatening if it is prolonged or severe.

The solution is to break up the fibrin sheets if they form in the airways. There is a medication used in the emergency rooms when people have blot clot strokes. It is called streptokinase or TPA (Tissue Plasminogen Activator). This clot buster is not available to the average person. So, what can we, the common person, use to break up the microscopic clots in the airways caused by this virus.

I have talked about this before and will continue to preach this message. Nattokinase is an enzyme that will break up fibrin and Lachesis 6C is a homeopathic remedy that will also dissolve fibrin. My experience is that oxygen levels will return to normal after about two days of use of these two natural clot busters. Be sure to use the 6C potency of Lachesis. Higher potencies might work but I have no experience with those, just the 6C potency.

Do not wait for the fibrin to form. As soon as you have Covid symptoms or a positive test, you should start taking these two natural medications, each twice a day. Nattokinase is a capsule. We have been recommending 3-400 mg twice a day and that seems to be working well. So, swallow that and then put under your tongue one pellet of homeopathic Lachesis and let it dissolve, again twice a day. The Nattokinase that we have at The Healing Center is Natures Sunshine brand and it sells for about $1 a capsule and the homeopathic Lachesis is about ten cents a pellet. For a few dollars per day for a week, you can protect yourself against the serious complications of this infection. Will this work for everyone? I am not sure, but so far to my knowledge, no one that has used this has died.

The problem has been not starting it soon enough. Some people wait and do not start these two until they get short of breath or have low oxygen (below 95). It needs time to work. Starting it before any fibrin gets deposited in the airway is the best. This gives your body time to recover and kick out the virus because you are not going to go into the critical low oxygen stage of the illness.

This information is not based on my traditional medical training as PA. It is based on my training as a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Homeopathy, and the information in research articles posted on the internet. There do not appear to be any serious side effects from either Nattokinase or Lachesis when taken as I recommended. Both products are natural, and FDA approved. They can be purchased at most any health food store, the Healing Center, or online.

Now, just a warning, if you are using these two and you still become very ill and experience more shortness of breath, or have an oxygen level below 94, it is important to go to the emergency room and be evaluated.

Back to the beginning of this article. We do not have to fear this infection if we know what to do. Continue to physical distance and wear masks appropriately. Continue other preventive measures like vitamin D3, zinc, and others. If you do get this infection, use the Nattokinase and Lachesis 6C right away. It could be mild or like the worst case of flu you have ever had. Remember your odds of dying from Covid are less than dying in a car accident and with these tools it should much less.

Let us put the fear aside and begin to live again.

Any long haulers who have been ill for 2 or more weeks and still not recovered fully might benefit from other recommendation that we have found to be helpful. Contact me directly at or message me on Facebook.

Put Your Health in Your Own Hands.

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