At the bottom of this page you will find a training video to help you learn to use Swarna Guard.

    Swarna Guard is not a medical device. It does not treat or cure any disease or illness. Rather it assists the body in decreasing toxin loads, restoring self-regulation, thereby letting the body recover itself.
    Swarna is the Sanskrit word for GOLD.
    Earlier versions of the device have existed for over 5 years with lots of good results. This new upgraded version has been in Indonesia for 2 years and Malaysia for 6 months. We brought it to the USA in March 2024.
    We cannot make any medical claims, but testimonials indicate that over 90% of the users claim significant improvement in their health. If you click on the image to the left and then from the menu, select 'Open Image in a New Tab' you will see brochure with additional information.
    Yes, it is very safe. It operates on weak electromagnetic fields. When that field with frequencies of your choosing is brought into your aura (your personal electromagnetic field), it harmonically brings your abnormal field back to its normal range. When that resonant vibrational frequency is restored, your body receives the correct messaging to begin to restore the healthy physiology to your cells, tissues, organs, and your body as a whole being. The only limitation is that it should not be used with anyone who has an implanted electronic medical device such as a pacemaker or deep brain stimulator. Devices like these are controlled by certain frequencies. It is slightly possible that the frequencies generated by Swarna Guard could modify the control settings of these devices. The printed CE on the back of the device means Certification Europe. This is like the UL (Underwriters Laboratory) that is on electrical devices in the US. To see documentation from the FCC (Federal Communication Commission, right click on the image to the left. From the menus click on 'Open in a New Tab'. That will display the safety document. We have a similar document from Canada
    The Swarna Guard device is pre-programed with 210 Complexes. Each complex has a variety of programs within it. And each program has a variety of frequencies within it. The normal resonant vibrational frequencies of all of our cells, tissues, and organs have been measured and compiled into a data base. So, each complex holds the frequencies that produce an electromagnetic field about 2 feet around the device. That field comes into your aura when you wear the Swarna Guard, then it harmonically brings your field back up to normal vibrational frequency. Your body knows how to do the rest. In June of 2024, any of 6500 other complexes will be available in the cloud. You will be able to customize your device for the complexes that you need based on your symptoms.
    Yes. There is no interference with either device when used close to each other.
    The investment is priceless if it will help you achieve optimal health. In the USA the investment in your health is $700.00. Because supplies are limited, a $100 deposit will hold one for you in the next shipment. When the shipment is ready, you will be notified, and you can pay the balance of $600.00. You will then be sent a fillable Order Form which you complete online and then submit to the home office in Malaysia. They will ship it directly to you free of charge to the shipping address that you supplied on the order form.
    We will soon have a credit card processor set up on our website. Until then you can pay using the following methods. Accepted Payment Methods include Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, PayPal, and personal check. If you right click on the Image to the left and from that menus, click on 'Open Image in a New Tab', it will open in a new tab and you can see the accepted payment methods. If that does not work, please contact Bob Huttinga at or text 989-287-1986. The website has the ability to process credit and debit cards. Simply click on the products page and you will be taken through the ownership process.
    There is a one year on the device and lifetime on the battery. If you have any issues contact me, Bob Huttinga at or 989-287-1986.
    The first thing to do is reboot it. Like all electronic devices, it sometimes needs to be reset or rebooted. Follow this procedure. Remove the device from the carrying pouch. The metal button on the pouch (not the snap on the flap), is a magnet. Power up the device by pressing the button on the top left. Now, with the device facing you move the magnetic button up and down the left edge of the device. When the screen goes dark, wait about 10 seconds and then power up and proceed. The problem should be solved. If that does not correct the issue, contact Bob Huttinga at or text 989-287-1986.
    Power up your device by holding down the power button on the top left of the device. After 2-3 seconds the screen will light up. This delay prevents accidental start-ups and shutdowns. On the screen you will see listed: Complexes and Settings.
    Use the basic complex list that was in your box. All of the mode 1 & 2 Complexes are listed on the first page in alphabetical order. The mode 3 & 4 complexes are in alphabetical order on page 2. It is best to select the mode before selecting the Complex that you wish to use. Mode 2 is most commonly used, unless you need the complexes on page 2.
    It is recommended to start with some detox first. For the first few weeks run the Nighttime Detox #14 and Daytime Detox #12 for Men and #13 for Women, five or six times a week. After the Daytime Detox run #153 Activation of Vital Energy and #205 Super Program. Run those daily. After the first two or three weeks, run the Detox Complexes once a week or so to continue to cleanse the effects of toxins. After that you can begin to select Complexes bases on your symptoms. Be sure to run the Anti-Fungal and Parasite Complexes occasionally also because most of us have our share of subclinical Yeast, Fungal, and Parasitic infections.
    The different modes produce different intensities in the field. Modes 1 & 2 are used mostly for bodily functions while modes 3 & 4 are used more for brain and emotional functions. Behind each complex on the list, you will see the recommended mode. It is best to use the recommended mode. If you do not use the recommended mode, nothing bad will happen, however the effects will not be as beneficial as if you used the correct mode. This is somewhat like adjusting the treble and base on your sound system speakers. It still works but the effects are not optimal.
    After you power up your Swarna Guard, the screen will read Complexes and Settings. Press the down pointing arrow on the right once so Settings is highlighted. Then press OK. This will show you a screen with the following items: Mode, Signal Strength, PC Connection, Brightness, Sound, Vibro, Menu Language, Color Scheme, and device Info.
    After you see the Settings menu, select Mode by pressing OK. Now you can select Mode 1, 2, 3, or 4 depending on which one is recommended for the Complex you are going to be using. Use the up and down arrows to scroll through the modes to the one you desire. Be aware that when using the higher modes, the battery uses more energy. Mode 1 can run for up to 18 hours of use, but Mode 4 will only last about 8 hours. Mode 1 uses one antenna and mode 2, 3, and 4 use three antennae to create the weak electromagnetic field around the device. To return to settings, press the left facing arrow (the left upper one), one time. Then scroll up or down depending on what setting you wish to change. To return to Complexes you can press the left facing arrow two times. Then you can select Complexes by pressing OK.
    In the Settings menu, scroll down to Signal Strength and then press OK. You will see 4 signal strength settings. Most of the time if you are wearing your device in your pouch, pocket or purse, the 50 setting is excellent. If the device is further away, like positioned on a nightstand or desk, then the signal strength should be increased to 75 or 100. Remember the higher the signal strength the more energy is used by the battery.
    PC Connection is used to connect to your computer to download additional complexes. Brightness can be used to change the brightness of the screen. Sound is used to turn on or off the sound feature. On some devices in our first shipment the sound did not work correctly, however, it does not change the effectiveness of the Swarna Guard. Vibro can be used to turn on or off the vibration feature. The device will vibrate at times to signal the start or end of a complex, program or function. Language, Color Scheme, and Info are self-explanatory.
    On the main screen, highlight Complexes, then press OK. You will see six complexes with the first one highlighted and sliding across the screen to the left. As it scrolls across you will be able to see the mode recommended if you do not have your cheat sheet handy. You can scroll through those six and pressing the screen once more will open the next six complexes. If you have decided to run Complex #98 for example, you can press and hold the down arrow and it will scroll down faster. If you decide to run Complex #160, you can press and hold the up arrow and it will scroll up faster to reach the higher numbered complexes more quickly.
    After you have decided on a Complex, scroll up or down to it, then press OK. After you press the OK, turn the device around with the back toward you. Hold it about 8 inches from your body until it beeps or vibrates. Then lock the screen by pressing the power button. Then place it in your pouch, pocket, or purse with the back of the device toward you. The purpose of the body scan is so the Swarna Guard can assess what parts of your aura need to be harmonically adjusted
    You can purchase a 30-page booklet for $15 that gives details of all the programs within that complex. We can also email that to you at no charge and you can print it yourself. You can see what programs are running within a complex by selecting the complex. While it is sliding across to the left, press the right facing arrow (lower left corner). That will list all the programs running within that complex. For example, Complex #19 is Allergic Rhinitis. It has 31 programs running sequentially within it. Press the left facing arrow to return to see the Complex that you selected. The image to the left some some of the programs that are running with #13 Daytime Detox for Women.
    To see what frequencies are running within the program, select a program and press the right facing arrow and you will see a list of all the frequencies that are active in that program. Press the left facing arrow once to return to the Program list, press it again to return to the Complex list. Then proceed to select your Complex from the list. Press OK when you are ready to begin. Then turn the back of the device toward you and hold it about 8 inches away from your body until it vibrates. Next lock the screen by pressing the power button and place your Swarna Guard near you.
    Once you press OK for the Complex you wish to run, two boxes will appear on your screen. The top box is the Complex with the total run time. The bottom box is the Program that is running at the moment with its run time. If you press the right facing arrow once a small R will appear in the lower box. That means that program will repeat. If you press the right facing arrow again, the R will move to the top box. That means that that Complex will run continuously until you pause it by pushing OK or discontinue it by pressing the left facing arrow. If you press the right facing arrow a third time, the R will disappear and the Complex will only run through one complete cycle and then turn itself off.
    With the screen facing you, look at the bottom of your device and find a round hole on the left that looks like a speaker port. While you are looking down into that opening, slide the magnetic button on the pouch across the left side of the device. If your device is working properly you will see a blue light when the button is near the middle of the left side. The blue light means that your device is working properly. If you wish to hear the frequencies that are running in each program you can plug in a set of ear phones to the jack in the bottom of the device. Be sure have head phone with a volume adjustment. It can be very loud if you use ear buds.
    If you wish to hear the frequencies that are running in each program you can plug in a set of ear phones to the jack in the bottom of the device. Be sure have head phone with a volume adjustment. It can be very loud if you use ear buds. It is not necessary to listen to the frequencies for this to work, it is just interesting to hear how the frequencies change as it is operating.
    No. Devices that produce Scalar Energy can affect other people at a distance. This device works locally and only when it is within your aura, your personal electromagnetic field. It cannot be used to send energy to others.
    Yes. Fill a glass or small jar with water. You do not need to use distilled or special water. Plastic containers should not be used. Select the Complex that you wish to program into the water. Press OK and do the body scan. Turn the back of the device toward you and hold it about 8 inches from your body until it beeps or vibrates. Then place the device about 8 inches away from the glass container with its back toward the container and leave it there until the Complex is completed. Then sip the water throughout the day.
    Yes. You can plug it into a standard 5 volt USB charging plug. The red indicator light shows that it is charging. Then select your Complex and perform the body scan as usual. Then place the Swarna on your desk or nightstand with the back toward you. You can purchase a 10 foot charging cord with a USB micro B plug. You can then plug it in at night and lay the device face down on the bed next to you. Be careful not to place it under a pillow or heavy blanket, because it can overheat. When it is finished charging the red light will go off.
    Yes. You can use a standard power pack for charging if you do not have an electric outlet available.

    This video is for training purposes to teach you how to use your new Swarna Guard Multiple Frequency Generator


    It would be a good idea to watch this training video several times.