As of May 8, 2020, 15 people have successful used this homemade remedy to feel much better. That is not very many, but it has worked in all the cases. You can give us your feedback after you use your remedy so we can continue to evaluate the effectiveness.
Because of the dilution process for making homeopathic remedies, you cannot have side effects, you cannot overdose, and you cannot die from using a homeopathic remedy. You can have a temporary aggravation of your symptoms. This means you have the correct remedy, but the potency is too high, or you are taking it too often. Reduce the frequency or the potency. Strong coffee will also help to reverse an aggravation.
Estimated about $20 if you buy a pint of Everclear, more if you buy a fifth.
The 151 or 180 proof Everclear in the best to make the mother tincture. 40% or 80 proof alcohol will work if that is all you have.
When using homeopathy, we are working with energy and the resonant vibrational frequency of an illness and of the remedy. The frequency of the remedy is created by diluting and succussing the mother tincture a certain number of times to make the desired potency. In this case we are making a Nosode remedy. That means the mother tincture is made from the mucus from your own nose. This means we are matching your abnormal tissue vibrations with the remedy you are making.
Most doctors have never been trained in the use of natural medicines. Because homeopathic remedies are made by diluting the mother tincture so far that none of the original material is left, the people of science and chemistry cannot understand it. We know from experience that these remedies do work and that they work on the energy level. They work on principles that are similar to those of acupuncture. Instruments are now in development that can read these subtle energies. Energy medicine and healing is a rapidly developing science.
At the present time, this remedy is not commercially available. We will contact you if it becomes available. It is actually best you make the remedy yourself from your own nasopharyngeal mucus.
The corona virus that causes these symptoms live in the airways of your respiratory system (nose and lungs). The best sample comes from far back in your nose, not right up front.
You can swab the back of your throat, but that must be very far back in the throat, not just the inside of your cheek or from your tongue. This method will likely make you gag, so inhale while you are swabbing the back of your throat, because you cannot gag while you are breathing in.