How to Achieve Optimal Health with Energy Medicine

Standard medical care is problem oriented, is not focused on preventive health. The theory of energy medicine is that every cell, tissue, and organ has its own resonate vibrational frequency. When there are symptoms, it is your body's way of telling you that something needs to be corrected. It is like the red indicator light on the dash board of your car.

When a symptom occurs there is a change in that resonant vibrational frequency of cells, tissues, or organ. When you correct the abnormal vibrational frequency harmonically, your body knows how to return the physiology of your body to normal. To better understand this watch this video on Harmonics. Again you body knows how to be perfectly health.

Sometimes there are obstacles to optimal health from injuries, both physical and emotional, however many of those can also be overcome using restoration of the normal health resonant vibrational frequencies.

Did you ever wonder why some people never get sick? It is because their bodies, cells, tissues, and organs are vibrating at a high, healthy frequency where infections cannot exist. It is like the motion detector on your security system. When the protective frequencies are correct, the viruses and bacteria are warned off. If the resonant vibrational frequencies are too low, infectious diseases can come in.

Swarna Guard is a Bio-Resonance generator. It is based on the principles discovered in 1931 by Royal Rife. So it is also called a "Mini Rife Machine". Watch this Introductory Video if you have not seen it before to help you understand how the Bio- Resonance Generator works and how you can own one of these amazing devices that can restore you health.

Below you will find a list of all of the pre-loaded complexes that you can use to modify your health. When you review that list, you will see a wide variety of conditions that might improve by using Swarna Guard. This list will also be in the box when you receive you device.

For a more in depth look at each Complex showing all the Programs running within that complex, send an email to and for $15 you can purchase a 30 page booklet with all the details or click on the link below. There you can view it or print it yourself.

You can expand the image of the 210 Complexes at a Glance with the recommended modes by pinching out with two fingers

To see all the Complexes and all the Programs running within each Complex, click on the link below.

210 Basic Complexes for Swarna Guard

210 Complexes