A Shortcut to Success


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This book is short and simple. It is not my intention to spend a lot of time trying to convince you that you can change your life by changing your thinking. If you are a seeker, you probably already know that. If you are looking for a method to become more than average and create an AmaZing life, here is a formula with tools that will work consistently. I have spent 35 years working out this method and I have used it successfully for a number of years. Many others have used it as well to create the kind of life they desire to experience. Does this method work 100 percent the first time? No!

I have found that if it does not work immediately there are only two possible reasons. 1. Some memory from the past is holding you back, or 2. You are not thinking correctly from the future. The solutions to this are clearly explained in the book and will be easy for you to understand and implement.

How long does it take to create an amazing life? Actually, it takes a lifetime. Once you learn to use this formula, you will continue to use it to create whatever you desire. Your desires change as your belief in your ability to create gets greater and greater. The journey of your life will be amazing with one “unbelievable coincidence” after another. You will soon know how to successfully create whatever you desire to be, to
do, and to have.


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