Swarna Guard


Bio-Resonance Generator


This is a multiple frequency Bio-Resonance Generator that you can use to optimize your health by Decreasing Toxin Load, Restoring Self-Regulation, thereby Allowing the Body to Recover Itself.

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We are offering a brand-new health restoring device called the Swarna Guard. It uses multiple frequencies to harmonically restore resonant vibrational frequencies that are out of balance. When the resonant vibrational frequencies of your body are normal, disease and illness cannot exist. You, the user, determine which Complex of Programs you desire to run. The device is wearable, so it can be used as you go about your daily life rather than having to take time out of your day to sit down and use the device. This is fully explained in the Introductory Video if you have already seen it.

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Black, Blue, Red, White


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