Self Care Available to Everyone

We are offering a brand new healing device called the iTeraCare. It uses Terahertz wave energy to subtly heat the tissues. This results in improved circulation, eliminates mutated cells, stabilizes internal body fluids, reduces inflammation, and much more.
There are no guarantees, but the testimonials are exciting. There are no side effects, but there are a few limitations. It should not be applied during pregnancy or directly over pacemakers and implanted metal devices like joint replacements. Also, it should not be applied over the abdominal area during menses as it could increase menstrual bleeding.
There are three models of the wand. The cost for the Classic is $350, which is perfect for individual use. It is sold in one, three, or ten unit packages. The Premium is $1050 and is a bit more robust device. The Pro is for use in professional settings and costs $3500. There is a rebate plan if you share with friends.
We have purchased 10 units initially and they sold out immediately. We can also order them directly for you and have them shipped to your home. Delivery time is 3-4 weeks out.
If you are interested, you may order your own device by calling Barb Huttinga at 231-598-3033 or email Bob at, and we will help you place your order.
Click here to watch a short video explaining more about the device. Click here to learn about how the TeraHertz healing device works.