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Hi, just sharing my experience with Swarna -

1. I drive for Grab (Malaysian version of Uber) 8-9hours a day - so my ‘gluteus maximus’ hurts the most - 1 hour before I head home - will put on Complex 121 - Sciatica - by the time I reach home pain will miraculously disappear!
2. ⁠Jog/run on occasions, end up with knee pain - after 2nd use of Complex 85 - Knee Trauma - again, sharp/needle like pain miraculously disappeared!


Swarna Healing News today :

Mr V ( not elderly) had needed to get up to pee 2 or 3 times while asleep at night. Pee bottle @ beside bed. A nuisance to sleep. After using SG for several days / night's, he reports that he doesn't need the pee bottle any more.

What a huge relief !


A man suffering from Parkinson's was visiting a stem cell center today. He couldn't talk with continuously but word by word. He then was presented with an opportunity to test Swarna Guard.

Complex 87 : Language Memory &Centre of Speech. Lo & behold ! It worked ! He could speak normally & smoothly again !


I am 73 years old. Had kidney stone pain.  Used #83 Kidney stone.   Pain gone in 30 minutes.   Next day I had burning with urination and slow stream. Used #144,  Urogenital regulation for Men. Symptoms gone in 24 hours. Health stream returned.  Very Happy.


Mr Ong


He has suffered asthma for a long time. While watching TV, an attack came. He quickly put on ASTHMA ATTACK complex
By 3 mins, his breathing had improved 80% !

That night he continued with #27 ASTHMA THERAPY.


Gastric pain with acid reflux.
Put on #68  Gastritis complex.
Quick relief & pain much reduced, gas started coming out, acid reflux gone. Next morning , smooth motion.



Hi all greetings
This is Dr Sujatha here. Just wanted to share some experiances
2 weeks ago i felt my throat getting itchy n mild pain n usually l know if i don't take the usual..vit c/ antihist/ throat spray next morning there ll be a painful lump by morning.
I braved it n tried complex 98 n slept. Next day that went off completely.

Then I realised my nose was not settled n l was beginning to get a cold.. so i used complex 37.n that went away too

Last week my nurse slipped n fell n was limping when i came to clinic. I hung Swarna on her neck on complex 85 knee trauma.. till i left for home n she on her own said . Whatever u put around my neck really worked.

Yest she was on medical leave -she had food poisoning . Today she came to work but walking around bent over( inspite having taken meds) Again i put Swarna on complex 66 ( Food poisoning and by the this evening) she returned smiling - again it worked.

What l believe is for ACUTE PROBLEMS it works really fast. For chronic problems it may take some time( after detox/ cleansing etc,)

An update : a user    (unedited)

Using other complexes :


Results :

* Deep sleep enjoyed by this couple
* His mind has become vitalised , kinda like "activated for wisdom & revelation", fast to think & found solutions rapidly

* Profitable opportunities have kept coming at a incomprehensible rate & magnitude. Overwhelmed with financial gains such as (1) closed a healing product deal - commission in high 5 figure.* Received favour after favour .

Looks like these are like manifestation complexes. It will be part of my daily “to dos”

Hi Dr Margaret here .
Want to share my experience with swarna.
I have bad neck shoulder and lower back aches and both the spinal and sciatica complex relieves my pain but because it is a chronic problem the pain does recur but not so intense.

Hope with prolonged usage the pain will disappear completely.!!!

Great success treating COVID.

Our 26 year old grand daughter was scheduled for surgery but got sick with fever, cough, congestion, body aches.

The surgeon canceled the procedure and did a covid test. Positive. Symptoms started on Monday. COVID positive on Tuesday. Wednesday we brought her one of our Swarna Guards with instructions to run #7 and #9 each one cycle per day. It adds up to a full 24 hours, 13 hours with one and 11 hours with the other. By Saturday night she was well with a negative Covid test and celebrated Mothers Day with us today, Sunday.

Frankly, I was very surprised and of course, very pleased.

--Bob Huttinga

I recently took a tip to Las Vegas and ate a lot of cheese and dairy products. Typically, that would cause a lot of nasal congestion, coughing, and post nasal drainage. In the past, too much would even cause bronchitis and sinus infection like symptoms. I ran the night time detox (#140 each night and allergic rhinitis (#19) multiple times and experienced only mild and occasional congestion.

Very happy.

I still will avoid dairy on a regular basis, but harder to do while traveling.

Also used it for kidney stone pain again with great results.

Bob Huttinga